Fanni Plays – Stage your group piece

fanni fraktal


Inside the box you will find 1000 wooden domino pieces, 39 questions, 1 TV screen showing a fake audience and flying superheroes, 3 wooden bars, 1 image to create a movement quality, 15 gestures for a specific communication situation, 3 hooks, 35 minutes, 3 seats, 1 working table, 1 lamp, 1 video camera, 2 beamers, 3 well-known postures, 2 screens, 1 package of subtitles, 3 costumes, 1 country song, 1 microphone, 1 latin song, 1 track with a dominos falling sound, 3 packages of icons, 1 residence permit and 1 script for a bow,

The game fanni plays is about staging a group piece. The aim is to use all the elements in the box and give them a meaning on stage.

The players have to follow steps of translation for several rounds. For each round there is one package of icons that represent the elements you find in the box. All of these icons have to be used by the players on stage. There are two conditions: The players have to work within a time frame and they have to refer at least twice to a member in the group in each round. If a round is finished successfully the players have to perform a part of a bow sequence to pass to the next round.

concept/ideafanni fraktal (catalina fernández, jasmin ihraç, juliana piquero)
performancefanni fraktal
music“I walk the line” by johnny cash, “fuego” by bomba estereo
duration25 minutes
thanks todeufert+plischke, dd dorvillier, sebastian sierra-barra, şenol şentürk, tümay kılıncel, ana laura lozza

fanni fraktal was founded by catalina fernández, jasmin İhraç and juliana piquero. coming from different backgrounds such as lightening design, film and performance the three try to develop collective working strategies that make use of these differences. for this piece they established a game about choreography, translation and the performance world.