The Walking Cube

kanak attak

This performance by Kanak Attak deals with migrants’ struggle for living space and with the residential-space allocation policies as applied to them. The Walking Cube, which consists of four walls and a ceiling, is a restless mobile house. The performance takes up the question – with and inside the house – of ‘guest worker’ accommodation and examines the present situation of refugees living in residential containers, as well as the restriction of the movement of refugees to their local districts.

This programme will be curated by Kanak Attak, a Germany-wide anti-racist network that has been in existence since 1998. In its political interventions, Kanak Attak criticises, in a variety of ways and with the aid of diverse media, the dominant economic and political conditions in Almanya and does all it can to create a public awareness of the lived realities of immigrants of both gender. Kanak Attak wants people to stop seeing ethnic identities and roles in terms of ‘we’ and ‘them’.

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